Passion for the Game. 

Passion for our Community.

Canadiens Heritage & Tradition since 1954

Our Proud Organization Is Steeped In History, Since 1954 with over 1800 Players Competing In The North Eastern Alberta Junior B Hockey League.

Who are we?

Founders Clancy Richard and Pat O’Neill connected the team with the Montreal Canadiens in the 1950s and created an affiliate program where the St. Paul Canadiens would develop young players and provide opportunities for them to be scouted and overseen by the Montreal Canadiens.

Over the years, the CH on the front of the jerseys has become a symbol of community spirit and pride in players, coaches, and fans alike. With the team located in Treaty 6 Territory, there is also a rich history of First Nations and Métis relationships to be recognized. The St. Paul Canadiens see hockey as a path to reconciliation and the acknowledgment of their amazing First Nations Players.

The St. Paul Canadiens are more than just a hockey team and focus on developing their players to make an impact both on the ice and in their community.


The St. Paul Jr. Canadiens Alumni Foundation is devoted to excellence in hockey, education, learning opportunities, and fundraising initiatives that develop leaders in our community and beyond.

  • Community Focus – raising funds for initiatives important to our community.

  • First-class Programs – continued growth in the Junior B hockey program through training and recruitment.

  • Meaningful Events – events that impact the community through education, heritage, and hockey.


The St. Paul Jr. Canadiens Alumni Foundation seeks to celebrate the rich history of the St. Paul Jr. Canadiens Hockey Club to ensure the club’s viability for future generations.

Strengthen our partnerships with sports organizations, businesses, and Alumni members throughout the Lakeland area and beyond.

The St. Paul Jr. Canadiens Alumni Foundation plans to make St. Paul a prime destination to play Junior hockey, by creating a culture focused on personal, athletic, and academic growth for players with employment and scholarship opportunities.

Maintain the preservation of our brand and pride to extend the 69 years of history.

Maintain the Montreal Canadiens’ affiliation with the St. Paul Jr. Canadiens.

Support the current club and communities fundamentally and financially.

Provide taxable charity receipts, and receive notable recognition to donors that may be individuals or corporations.

Inbound contributions to Alumni can be received in the following:

  • Personal donations
  • Buying advertising from the club
  • Business donation – small, medium, large
  • Mutual funds
  • Publicly traded securities




Our Partnerships

Thanks to our community partners for helping grow the foundation.

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